Not A Single American Hero

Not A Single American Hero

Throughout the long, ugly election campaign, no one stood up, save Mitt Romney who after the election seriously undercut the singular role he had fashioned.  One can make the case that no one expected Trump to win, including most Republicans.  Why take the risk, turn off your constituency, and diminish yourself before your peers if Trump was going to loose anyway?

But no one realized how much support Trump had from the white working class and from Russia.  And, now we are living the nightmare.  Every day, we are moving closer and closer to a catastrophic failure of our 200 + year experiment with democracy and world leadership.  And, no one has the courage to stand out. 

Yes, the Democrats are out there criticizing everything Trump does.  But that is not courage; that is the role of a powerless congressional minority.  It takes no courage to criticize when you are out of power and when your constituency is demanding that you do so.

Where courage is needed – where true American heroes are needed – is from Trump’s own party and from other respected voices.  And, the silence is deafening.  There is nothing, no one.  A few like Lindsey Graham and John McCain are making occasional noises, but they are posturing far more than standing up and leading. 

And the few others out there, like George W. Bush or Colin Powell or others, are eerily quiet.   Failing a single voice, we need a group, like a Council of US Presidents.  It is almost too late – almost too late to save America and its people from calamity.  I am not someone who generally says the sky is falling and I do not believe that I exaggerate.  But, as a country, we are at a precipice without a strong voice and sage leadership.  We desperately need an American Hero.


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