Comenity Direct

Deposit Rates APY Vs.Others
Savings 0.55% 0.85% →
1-Year CD 0.65% 0.75% →
2-Year CD 0.70% 0.80% →
3-Year CD 0.80% 1.00% →
4-Year CD 0.80% 0.85% →
5-Year CD 0.85% 1.25% →

2021 Overview

General Online Bank Information

Money that you deposit is held by Comenity Capital Bank. Comenity Capital Bank is an FDIC insured institution founded in 2003. It has approximately $8.92 billion in assets.

Deposits FDIC Insured Yes
Insured Bank Comenity Capital Bank
FDIC Certificate # 57570
Date Established 2003
Assets $8.92 billion
Loans $6.99 billion
Deposits $6.42 billion
Capital $1.21 billion

For a more detailed analysis of Comenity Capital Bank's financial condition and a description of what these numbers mean, please visit the Financial Details section.

Deposit Rates - October 24, 2021

Online Savings and Money Market Rates
Online Savings and Money Market Rates APY MIN MAX
High Yield Savings
0.55% $100 - Learn More
Online CD Rates
Online CD Rates APY MIN MAX
1-Year CD
0.65% $1,500 - Learn More
2-Year CD
0.70% $1,500 - Learn More
3-Year CD
0.80% $1,500 - Learn More
4-Year CD
0.80% $1,500 - Learn More
5-Year CD
0.85% $1,500 - Learn More


Bank Offers

Comenity Direct Lowers Online Savings Rate to 0.55% APY
Mar 19, 2021

Comenity Direct has lowered its online savings rate by 5 basis points from 0.60% or 0.55% APY.

Comenity Direct Raises Online 1-Year CD rate to 0.70%
May 11, 2021

This is now the highest nationally available 1-year CD rate.  We are just beginning to head in the right direction.

Climate Initiatives

Comenity Direct is encouraged to provide us with this information. When we receive this information from the online bank, we will provide it here.

Customer Reviews for Comenity Direct

  • September 19, 2021 |

    Online Savings Rates

    I have not had the problems described by others here, but I find that the website does not inspire confidence.

  • June 15, 2021 |

    Online Savings Rates

    I was so pleased with the service and so frustrated by low rates everywhere that I was thinking about moving from a savings to a 1 yr CD and they have a 180 day penalty so I held off

  • March 6, 2021 |

    Online Savings Rates

    No problems. Easy to open and use.

  • February 12, 2021 |

    Online Savings Rates

    I've got accounts at all of these places (beats getting 0.01% on my cash in brokered CDs at Morgan Stanley). I was pleased to see a new entrant that was spending a little to build a brand. The account opening process was - dare I say - fun. I did need to call with an access issue and the phone was answered immediately by a very helpful woman who treated me like a grown up (addressed me by my last name and did not become frustrated with my mistakes entering the information). I'd put this in the same league as Marcus or Citizens and above everything else I have experienced on your list.

  • January 14, 2021 |

    Online Savings Rates

    Easiest account set-up process ever.

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