Rexit Delayed: Tillerson Unable to Reach Putin By Phone

Rexit Delayed: Tillerson Unable to Reach Putin By Phone

The media is awash with news that Tillerson has decided to call it quits as Secretary of State.  He had originally hoped to stay a year in order to take full advantage of the tax deferrals that are awarded to those who enter public service from the private sector.  The pressures and disappointments of the Jeff Sessions bashing just got to be too much and he has decided to call it quits earlier.

It is hard to blame Rex.  It seemed unusual that he made it though 1 week in this Administration.  After all, Tillerson had a very distinguished career as CEO of Exxon.  It must have felt odd to arrive at Foggy Bottom and learn that he was responsible for reporting to Jared Kushner, who is barely old enough to be Tillerson’s grandchild.  Odder still when he realized that Kushner’s intellectual capacity was slightly below that of his secretary at Exxon.

But, Tillerson, to his credit, stuck it out.

And, in good form he is trying to reach the person who got him the job seven short months ago to let him know that he will be resigning before making it public.

Putin however doesn’t seem to be accessible by phone.

Image: Financial Tribune


  • Tad Smith

    July 30, 2017

    This is bullshit. He was able to reach Putin, but Putin told him he couldn't quit.

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