Too Smart

Too Smart

Jared Kushner’s father spent years in federal prison while Jared was growing up.  That alone must have left an impression on him.  Jared is well educated too; Harvard, of course.  At 35 with a net worth of $810 million, you would think he would be risk averse enough not to risk his liberty and his fortune even for his father-in-law. 

Then why would he go to such an extent as to facilitate Russian interference in the US election and, even worse, create a back channel connection with the Kremlin?  He is a hard person to decode.  For one, almost no one has heard his voice in the month’s Trump has been in office.  It’s almost as though he is trying not to be seen. 

My guess is that he is too smart to have done the things the media is now suggesting – too smart to try to arrange a back channel to Russia, and too smart to play a key role in Russia’s interference with the election.

Time and months of investigation will tell.  But, I am betting the guy is just too smart to have gotten himself into such a mess. 



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