Trump Can Be Putin's Puppet, but There is a Telling Russian Lesson From 1917
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Trump Can Be Putin's Puppet, but There is a Telling Russian Lesson From 1917

One needs only to look at Trump’s cabinet, his policies, and Trump himself to understand that Trump will not deliver on his inaugural promises. As the rich get still richer and as the poor get still poorer, the continued viability of the world’s oldest democracy may be threatened.

Interestingly, there is some history supporting the idea that Trump will not last all that long. In March 1917, Tsar Nicolas II was overthrown in Russia. A provisional government controlled by the Mensheviks took over and allowed their base – angry and poorly educated – to believe that Russia would turn inward and retreat from its involvement in World War I. This same base also believed that there would be some immediate benefit to them from a seismic shift in power in St. Petersburg. Alexander Kerensky, the Menshevik leader who served as Prime Minister, believed he had a more time to deliver. Yet, within 6 months, the military had turned against the leadership, and the entire political base had defected in favor of a real revolutionary message delivered by Vladimir Lenin.

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Ari Socolow
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