Wouldn't It Be Amazing ...

Wouldn't It Be Amazing ...

Wouldn't it be amazing if Putin plotted everything the last three days.  After all, this is a man who acts viciously and maliciously worldwide with impunity.  He has been knocking off his adversaries inside and outside Russia for months, if not years.

Bashar al-Assad is his dependent and is taking instructions from Russia.  Were the instruction to come from Putin to use chemical weapons on his own people, he certainly would do it.

Putin himself is dealing over the last several weeks with not only increasing opposition to his autocratic rule at home, but the increasing likelihood that his direct coordination with Trump in the US election is about to be exposed.

In order to save himself and his puppet government in US, Putin very well may have set in play the events to precipitate an attack by the US against Syria, knowing it would enable Trump to wag the dog.  By diverting attention from their pre-election coordination for just a few days, Putin might just be able to keep his puppet in place.

Yes, it would be stranger than fiction if Putin plotted this whole thing to save Trump from impeachment. 

I lived in Russia.  I practiced law there.  It seems perfectly possible to me.

Image: Courtesy: Sky News


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