$15 Million will get you one of Boston's most desirable addresses

One of Boston's nicest residential addresses will soon be for sale. If you have $15 million plus you should consider it.

For those of you looking for a great piece of property to buy, one of Boston's most desirable mansions is going on the market soon.  The address is 5 Commonwealth Ave and it's right in the Back Bay, one of the city's most desirable neighborhoods.




The mansion is a 13k sq.ft., five-story 8BR Classical Revival with a big yard, 14 fireplaces, Marble statue of Mercury, frescos, friezes, and a working fountain. The Ballroom has four chandeliers and a skylight. The price is approximately $15 million PLUS.






For those of you who live in Boston, this is where the Center for Adult Education is currently located.  They have owned the building since 1941 and recently decided to sell it.  I've been in the building and it is indeed a gem, although it will probably need some major work.  It's been an education center for the last 60+ years.  But mansions like this aren't for sale very often.






I'm sure a developer will buy it and turn it into condos, which would be a shame. 

Sol Nasisi
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