Apple Eyeing Wireless Spectrum

Is Apple planning to bid for wireless spectrum at an upcoming auction?

BusinessWeek has an intriguing article about whether or not Apple plans to bid on the wireless spectrum that is coming available. Having such spectrum would free Apple from the straight-jacket that the carriers have placed around it and any other innovative company. But operating a network also comes with its own set of headaches. It’s quite far from Apple’s competency and analysts estimate a piece of the spectrum would cost $9 billion.
Why not let Google buy the spectrum and then partner with them to deliver some really awesome applications. It’s time the current crop of wireless carriers were swept aside.

Sol Nasisi
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  • Sizzletrader

    September 11, 2007

    The problem with GOOGle is that they do not want to be AAPLs partner...but competitor with its own Gphone.

    Yahoo or Ebay would be better partners...

  • JoeyT

    September 12, 2007

    Apple and Google don't need to bid for spectrum. They just need to team up with Motorola or Intel to build them a WiMAX system. Then, it is bye-bye ATT and Verizon. WiMAX is going to be a disruptive technology in wireless and fixed line.

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