CalFirst Bank Offers Great 90 Day CD Rate

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If you want a great CD, but not for very long, then the folks at CalFirst Bank would like to talk to you.

California First National Bank (NASDAQ: CFNB) in Irvine is offering a great rate on ninety day / three month CDs, 0.8 percent APY.

This puts California First National Bank's rate on the list at BestCashCow, joining a now three way tie with EverBank and Palladian Private Bank. You can get one of these by going to any California First National Bank branch or going to their website at There is a minimum of a five thousand dollar deposit to buy a CD, and the deposit is FDIC insured.

Best of all, Bauer Financial rates it its highest rating, a five star "superior" rating.

Credit for the find goes to Bauer Financial.

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