CD Bonus at OneUnited Means Big Rate Hike

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Got twenty five thousand dollars? Want a free hundred? Get a CD with OneUnited Bank.

OneUnited Bank has a new deal waiting--a 2.40 percent four year CD.

Admittedly, this rate is just under the lowest on the BestCashCow four year CD lists, with Discover Bank offering 2.45 percent, but OneUnited is offering something extra. Open a new four year CD with twenty five thousand dollars or more, they'll throw in an extra hundred bucks after the first ninety days. The addition of this extra hundred dollars, essentially, is the same as adding .40 percent to the yield, and a 2.80 CD would land it in the top five, just under Hudson City at 2.85 percent.

Rates are subject to change daily, but OneUnited hasn't changed its rates since December of 2009. You can apply for this online at or hit a branch, and you've got until June 30th to open the account.

OneUnited is FDIC insured, but only has a two-star "problematic" rating from Bauer Financial.

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  • ktexas

    June 08, 2010

    If it were a 1-year CD, it would be like adding 0.40% to the yield. But as a 4-year CD, the $100 bonus just adds about 0.10% to the yield.

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