CNBBankDirect Promotes Fiscally-Sound, Well-Informed Customers

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CNBBankDirect recently re-launched their website to make it a great resource for all types of financial advice. The bank also is offering a free savings account that pays 1.20% APY.

CNBBankDirect, a division of Citizens National Bank, has been previously featured on, but the bank recently redesigned and re-launched their website to make it easier than ever to obtain not only information on the bank's products, but also general financial news and articles for the everyday consumer. This is a refreshing change from many bank sites that only seem interested in promoting their own products. The Savings News section of CNBBankDirect’s website includes articles on things such as identity theft, retirement health care costs, and how to use Twitter to solve credit card problems with your bank. The bank's About Us section also includes links to other financial websites, including, to promote well-rounded, educated consumers.

Additionally, the bank is currently offering a high yield savings account that pays 1.20% APY. There are no monthly service fees, you need only $1 to open an account, and you earn interest on all balances $1 and more. You must open your account online, and you can link any non-CNBBankDirect checking or savings account and transfer money back and forth between them. Since CD rates have been so low recently, this bank account gives you a great way to easily earn a higher interest rate on your money but with instant penalty-free liquidity if needed.


  • Bill R

    March 16, 2011

    They dropped their rate from 1.19% or 1.20%apy to 1.14% or 1.15apy.

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