Damages on F/X Continues to Impress Me

The plot thickens as Patty Hewes continues to spin her web, and Fobisher spins his. Poor first year law associate Ellen Parsons is caught in the middle.


Several weeks ago I wrote that Damages, staring Glenn Close and Ted Danson was a show with promise. Now, it's delivering. The acting has been superb and the plot is a miasma of deceit, manipulation and cunning. I'll do my best to recap what is happening.

First year associate Ellen Parsons joins the Hewes Law firm headed by steely eyed Patty Hewes. Hewes is determined to sue Fobisher on behalf of former employees of his company, who lost everything when it went under. That sets the stage for the intrigue. It turns out Ellen Parsons future sister-in-law (the sister of her fiancé) has some evidence which could implicate Fobisher and throw his account of events into doubt. We then learn that Ellen may have only been hired by Hewes to gain access to this witness.

Along the way there are threats of assassination, steamy love scenes, and a subplot involving Hewes son, who appears to be psychotic. He sends his mother a hand-grenade in the mail, cruises porn sites, and hacks into his school's computer. It's not clear how this figures into the plot but by the end of episode three his parents have been abducted into a reform program.

Of course those watching know all of this is only a flashback. In the present, Ellen is being held in a police cell after running through the streets bloody and half naked (see my first post for more info). At the end of the episode she claims that she did not kill her fiancé (who is found dead in a tub) and we learn that their engagement was called off at some point.

The previews for next week's episode offer some tantalizing pieces of evidence. We see Katie beginning to give her testimony regarding her contact with Fobisher. No one seems to believe it. Someone also dies and I suspect it's Katie's past love, a guy who got her pregnant. He's somehow involved with the entire story although it's not clear how. He may have worked for Fobisher but it wouldn't make sense that he was killed.

Anyone else have any ideas?

Sol Nasisi
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