E-Loan 1 Year CD Paying 4.36% APY with $25 Dollar Bonus

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E-Loan is offering a leading rate of 4.36% APY on a 1 year CD along with a $25 signing bonus.

E-Loan is offering a leading rate of 4.36% APY on a 1 year CD along with a $25 signing bonus.  The minimum balance to get the rate and the bonus is $10,000.  To qualify for the $25 bonus and the APY displayed the promotion code "times25" must be entered on the application and submitted prior to December 18th, 2008.  If you go straight to the main site you will not see this offer.  The highest rate for a 1 year CD on the main site is 4.01% APY.

The rate of 4.36% APY is the top rate for a 1 year CD according to the BestCashCow rate tables

E-Loan is a subsidiary of Banco Popular North America (BPNA), a New York state chartered bank insured by the FDIC.  Bauer Financial rates Banco Popular with 3 starts out of 5 (Fair) for safety and soundness.

Many thanks to Gina for letting me know about this offer.

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  • Banker

    December 02, 2008

    E-LOAN has good rates but they are not that high any more.

  • Anonymous

    January 09, 2011

    People in the world get the credit loans from different banks, because it's comfortable and fast.

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