How to successfully pick stocks using a growth investment strategy

If you are willing to take a calculated gamble and invest in the stock market then growth investing may be for you. Growth investing is the practice of taking a small company that has the potential to shake the market up or revolutionize a market which in turn will create large growth in a short period of time paying off for you in a very large way.

If you are not comfortable with calculated risks, or for that matter any risk whatsoever, than investing in high growth stocks that are hailed as the next Apple may not be the right investment strategy for you, but if you are willing to take a chance in order to gain a mind-numbing return next year there is no better strategy than growth investing.

Most of the large cap top 10 stocks today all began as small or medium startup companies that showed a large potential for growth, but in order to purchase a large amount of stock in them back then you would have needed the courage to ignore more practical investment advice, ignore the pricey valuations, the ability to see the gold at the end of the rainbow, and believe that these businesses had the right business goal and strategy to make it.

Of course, many businesses that meet these criteria can crash and burn within years leaving them the same place in stock history as a one hit wonder on the top of the billboard charts, however the ones that do succeed have paid investors off past their wildest dreams. After all, imagine how the people who tossed in the first hundred in shares for Apple feel now.

To get down to the basics, growth investing essentially is a strategy that involves making your stock picks based on high predictions of growth rates that will soon escalate over former leaders on the stock market. In order to identify which companies will be able to do this growth investors look for new technologies or market niches that have the potential to change the way people live or look at a specific type of product. The earlier referenced Apple is a great example of such a company as well as Google which virtually has single-handily revolutionized the internet browsing experience.

For those who are unable to conceptualize this, growth investing is almost the stark opposite of value investing in which investors are concerned with what is happening at this moment instead of what can happen in the future. Growth investors thus play on the other side, looking at what can happen in the future without much notice of the current share price or the intrinsic worth of the company with the belief that both of these figures have the potential to grow.

Those who follow growth investing look for growth stocks that they feel will grow at a large substantial rate making an initial large share purchase well worth the investment. There are of course risks to this theory, since if you choose the wrong company and it flops instead of becoming a market success you will likely lose a large portion of your investment. On the other hand, if you are right than as the company reinvests their capital gain earnings without paying a dividend the stock shares quickly jump in price.

Although new products and technology are the most common areas of the stock market to find growth stocks, there are plenty of opportunities for those who are interested in growth investing in other areas as well since any company that is about to make a full recovery such as McDonald’s did five years can also be a great grab at the right time.

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