H&R Block Offering 90-Day CD for 1.5% APY

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H&R Block Bank is offering a 90-day CD that pays 1.5% APY.

H&R Block Bank is offering a 90-day CD that pays 1.5% APY. That's one of the best 90-day CD rates.

One has to question putting money into a CD for this duration. There are quite a few money market and savings account rates that offer higher yields. And it doesn't look like savings rates are coming down that quickly anymore. Money in a savings account is also totally liquid and can be withdrawn at anytime, unlike a CD.

If you are interested in the H&R Block CD, the minimum deposit is $5,000. The rate is good until November 9.

H&R Block Bank is a subsidiary of H&R Block, the well known tax preparation company.



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