ING Black Friday Special Includes 2% 36-Month IRA CD

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ING Direct is holding their Black Friday Sales for three days from Friday-Saturday. They are offering savings on checking accounts, kids accounts, and a decent 2% IRA 24-month CD.

ING Direct is holding their Black Friday Sale for three days from Friday, Novemember 26-Sunday, November 28. They are offering savings on checking accounts, kids accounts, and a decent 2% IRA 36-month CD.

Some of the offers they are providing are:

  • 2% 36-Month IRA CD
  • Open an Electric Orange Checking account, make seven payments, and receive $103.
  • Open a Kids Savings Account and get a $25 bonus.

The 2% 36-Month IRA CD isn't a bad rate. The best rate on a non-IRA CD according to BestCashCow is 2.30% APY so 2% is within the range of reasonable. The Electric Orange Checking account currently pays 1.20% on balances from $50,000- $99,999 and 1.25% APY above that. Sadly, that's not a bad rate nowadays.

Sol Nasisi
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