ING Direct Raises Rate on 18 Month CD to 4.50% APY

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ING Direct raised the rate on its 18 month CD to 4.5% APY, the top rate for this term according to the BestCashCow rate tables.

ING Direct raised the rate on its 18 month CD to 4.5% APY, making it the best 18 month cd rate according to the BestCashCow rate tables. 

While ING Direct pioneered the high yield online savings account, it has not offered highly competitive rates for several years.  Recently, ING has begun to offer more competitive rate products.  It recently starting offering a 12 month, 4% APY CD which is competitive with other top cd rates.  

That's good news because ING has a very easy account opening process.  It can all be done online and the bank offers online validation of an account as well as ACH transfers into and out of their savings accounts and CDs.  Other features of their CDs include:

  • No minimum deposit.
  • The ability to automatically transfer interest monthly or annually to an ING Savings account or a linked account at another bank.
  • Notification 35 days prior to maturity and 10 days after maturity to close the CD, change the amount, or change the term - without penalty.
  • The ability to open joing account CD or open the CD as a living trust.

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