IPhone 3G Faces Same Problem as 2G Version

IPhone 3G Faces Same Problem as 2G Version

The problem with the iPhone 3G is ATT,just as it was with the iPhone 2G.

I've written about the iPhone quite abit on this site.

If you have read what I have written, you will know that while I was originally sceptical about the device, I now view it as the most transformational device since the advent of the PC.

Over the last several days, the new IPhone 3G has proven to have the same difficulties as the 2G version.  Access to the network and thus all of the functionality is now slow like it was on the 2G version if you are lucky.  If you are not lucky, access is impossible.  It seems that ATT has fully congested their 3G network by overselling the iPhone 3G and as a result the speeds, at least in NYC where I am accessing, have slowed below the 2G speeds.  Quite simply it is impossible to use, unless you are accessing through WiFi, which is the exact problem that the original IPhone had.

I've also noticed that the 3G and the GPS programs are battery hogs.

The phone is significantly worse than on the original iPhone.  Apple has used very inexpensive components for the phone and it now feels like a very poor phone tacked on to the handheld computer as an afterthought.

Don't get me wrong.  This iPhone is revolutionary.  But, if I weren't in the wireless industry and didn't need to be on the cutting edge, I'd take this right back to the Apple store.

Aron Livrone
Aron Livrone: Aron is a 2008 Wharton MBA with a consulting background prior to moving from Sweden to the US to begin his MBA.

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