Is A Silver Boom Waiting In The Wings?

Silver's often been called the poor man's gold, but is it about to climb in value?

Not too long ago, I did an article about silver investing, and five reasons it was a good idea--add this one to the list; there may be a boom getting ready even as we speak.

See, one of the big reasons I talked up silver last time was because of its diminishing supply.  People just throwing it away because it's not exactly pricey and such.  But silver's about to get a lot more diminishing--read on.

Jeff Nielson, writing in the James Cook Market Update newsletter, says that because silver kills the bacteria that causes body odor, “the use of silver in sportswear has exploded into one of the largest single applications of silver. This one usage already consumes more than 1,200 TONS of silver per year.”

From virtually nothing a few years ago, to being “one of the largest single applications of silver”? Wow!

Not too long ago in the James Cook Market Update Newsletter, which I got by way of one of my personal literary heroes the Mogambo Guru (who is in the august company of literary figures as Dave Barry and Spider Jerusalem, who in turn was written himself by Warren Ellis), there was an article about how silver kills the bacteria that causes body odor. Thus, silver is becoming a major staple of sportswear--one of, in fact, the single largest applications of silver, about twelve hundred tons of silver a year.

Even better, the healthcare industry, one of the only booming industries left in the world, has apparently discovered silver for its UPHOLSTERY. Silver impregnated upholstery, intended for chairs and couches, just got the Gold Award for Healthcare Fabrics for its incredible--and thoroughly natural--antibiotic properties. That same bit refers to the amount of silver such a use would require as "mind boggling".

Huge new applications for silver? Many of them in the last growth industry on earth? Sounds like a great time to take your steadily more worthless dollars (more of which are being printed every single day!) and turn them into SILVER!

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  • erf

    April 13, 2010

    Interesting, but what is 120 tons in relation to the total production?

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