Kraft Going Modern

Kraft is a company on the move, and one to watch.  Now that it is out from the shadow of cigarettes (Altria), it is investing big money (almost $1.5 billion a year) marketing itself and its products as the “new Kraft.”  If they are successful, they will take off.


The message is that cheese is in and that it merits a place – especially grilled cheese – in the fast food industry.  With the kind of money they are pouring on, and the logic of their pitch, it shouldn’t be very long before we are all eating grilled cheese at our favorite fast food places. Even Cramer has called this one.  Kraft seems to feel free to reinvent, and from all one can see, it is doing a very good job.  Its stock is already on the rise, and could go up another 20% in the next weeks. 


For more on their story, check out this article in the New York Times:

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  • marlene

    October 03, 2007

    I bought Kraft as soon as they split with Altria, and I am convinced that you are right. It is a perfect stock to be long.

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