One West Bank Offering 10-Month CD at 2.15% APY

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One West Bank, formerly Indymac, is offering a 10-month CD that pays 2.15% APY.

One West Bank, formerly Indymac Bank, is offering a 10-month CD that pays 2.15% APY. That compares very favorably to the top 12-month CD rate of 2.20% APY.

One West Bank is the entity that emerged from the collapse of Indymac. The bank was purchased by several private equity investors who along with the FDIC recapitalized the bank and renamed it One West Bank.

Like its predecessor, One West Bank has competitive savings and CD rates.  The bank also has a relatively easy online application and makes its rates available nationally.  In fact, many of its best rates, like the 10-month CD are only available online.

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