"Protect Our House" Wristband Campaign Shows the Worst of Corporate America

Countrywide's latest campaign demonstrates the company's true colors.

A very good friend of mine holds a very senior position at Countrywide.  He called me this morning and said that he needs to get a green wristband saying "protect our house" on it and that he will need to wear it all of the time (at work and outside work as it is not removable).  I asked him what the consequences of not getting such a wristband.  He said "then, I will lose my job."

I first thought that he was pulling a prank on me, but I found the article discussing these wristbands in the morning Wall Street Journal.

These types of required culture opt-in campaigns reflect the worst of corporate America.  Such campaigns may go down well in Germany where everyone follows orders and seem to be very successful at General Electric, but in a society as diverse and individualistic as the US, these campaigns enable outsiders to easily identify which organizations lack creativity and lack individual expression.

 I had hoped and believed that Countrywide is an organization that has the creativity and the ability to weather the current storm.  Now, I am not so sure.

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  • CommonSense

    October 19, 2007

    You got to be pretty gullible to beliebe that a rubber wristband "is not removable"... and pretty stupid to think that not wearing it can cost you your job.

  • Lefty

    October 19, 2007

    The first time I saw Tangelo Angelo, I named him the Maximum Guido. That was 7 years ago, and nothing he has said or done since has caused me to change my mind. He is utterly disdainful of everyone who works for him--and now it appears that he is about to get his so richly deserved come-around.

  • D Sambol

    October 30, 2007

    Wendell and I are working to figure out your true identities and when we do, you will be sorry.

  • HBrunk

    September 24, 2014

    I LOVED my job with Countrywide CLD. I learned more at the company's expense than I had in a decade of working in the industry. I have a "Ode to Lending" in my home that celebrates all the companies I have worked for. The insults and attacks only show the shallow and ungrateful people that were part of the markets greedy downfall. Angelo, I am proud to hang a picture with you on my walls, I only wish that I also had one with Gary Judis of Aames. Both men were visionary and employed thousands of people. My thanks for your dreams that helped me discover mine!

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