Selling Your Home Soon? Follow These Tips for Better Autumn Sale Prices

If you plan on selling your home in the next couple months, here are some suggestions to help it sell quicker at a price closer to your asking price.

As mortgage rates continue to remain at historic lows, this may be the best time for you to purchase a home. But if you need to sell your current home first, we are coming up on a popular time for home sales in the country. Many home shoppers buy their new home in the autumn months and you can capitalize on that by following these tips to make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Bring the Outdoors In
One way to increase the appeal of the inside of your home is to “autumnize” it. Everybody loves the harvest appearance and bringing it indoors will give your home that added touch. Put a vase of orange, yellow and brownish flowers on your dining room table and accent your home with these autumn colors to grab the attention of potential buyers. You can even find apple cinnamon or pumpkin scented candles to drive the autumn atmosphere home when people come to see your house.

Know the Ins and Outs of Your Home
The Internet makes it easy for potential buyers to learn a great deal about your home before they even step foot inside it. As such, you should be an educated homebuyer and know what other homes like yours are selling for in the area. Know the price ranges and know what sets your home apart from the rest so you can answer any questions that realtors or buyers ask you. An informed seller is just as good as an informed buyer so the fewer times you have to say “I don’t know,” the better price you are likely to get for the house.

Make Your Home Appealing from the Curb
While the autumn colors can give your home that desired look, you should make sure you keep the shrubs and trees trimmed during the upcoming months. If they look uncontrollable, your home will not look good from the outside. Leave some of the red, yellow and orange leaves on the lawn but keep the landscaping manicured and looking good. Also, put a few gourds and pumpkins in your front yard to maximize the harvest season effect.

Know the Location
When people search for a home, they are not just looking at the home. If they have kids, they want to know about the schools in the area and the parks within walking distance. They will also want to know about neighborhood features and businesses in the area. If you have a list of businesses and other features that potential homebuyers may be interested in, you can provide them with a list and cut out some of the work for them. This will give you an edge on other sellers in your neighborhood that the homebuyers may also be checking out.

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