SmartyPig $100 Gift Card Giveaway on Twitter

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SmartyPig is running a second $100 Gift Card Giveaway Using Twitter. Answer a question and you might be selected to win the dough.

SmartyPig, a social networking piggybank is running a small promo on Twitter where you can win one of three $100 gift cards.  The contest happens tomorrow, June 12.  Here's how it works:

  1. Follow SmartyPig on Twitter
  2. They’ll ask the $100 question on Thursday, June 12th.
  3. Answer the question.
  4. Tune in to their Blog to see if you have won.

How are they picking the winner?

Below is what they have to say:

This is how we’ll choose the winners:

  1. After 10 minutes, we will be picking 20 random people with a number generator from the pool of correct answers.
  2. We will then pin those 20 names into the 20 slots of a dartboard.
  3. While blindfolded, we will throw darts and three lucky winners of a $100 SmartyPig gift card will be chosen.
  4. We’ll post the process here on our blog, so everyone can see it!

Good luck!



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