VMWare and EMC

As VMWare is soaring, EMC has been trending down despite the fact that EMC owns 90% of the company

VMWare is certainly an exciting new company- their virtualization software is the best product in a very rapidly growing market.  Many have compared the IPO to that of GOOG (which is probably an exaggeration).  The IPO priced at 29 and opened at 54.  It is currently trading at a market cap of 19.7 Billion. 

EMC's holdings in VMware are worth 18 Billion.  As of today's prices the market is valuing the rest of EMC at only 20 Billion.  EMCs total valuation hasn't been this low since 2003.  Despite very healthy growth in the underlying business. 

So either VMware is grossly overvalued or the rest of EMC is undervalued.  Either way the best way to play VMware is to buy EMC.  It may make just as much sense to buy EMC and short VMW to isolate the undervaluation of the rest of the company.

Joshua Avram
Joshua Avram: MD, Wash U; BS, Yale. A noted cardiologist, the doctor applies his medical knowledge to his investing in large pharm and biotechs. The doctor has correctly predicted several very exciting biotech acquisitions over the past several years, including the acquisitions of Esperion (Pfizer), Amylin (Bristol Myers) and Imclone (Bristol Myers). The doctor is presently long Novo Nord

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  • EMC/176

    November 13, 2007

    VMW has an expanding product and horizon within the virtualization platform line. I believe the company will continue to be touted as a "Green" resource for all infrastructure environments. I value the company to move past 120 for Q1 2008

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