WaMu Raises 1 year and 13 Month CD Rates

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Washington Mutual is now offering 12 and 13 month CDs at 5%.

WaMu is now offering 12 and 13 month CDs at 5%, which are the top rates for certificates of deposit at these terms.  The high rates clearly reflect the bank's dramatic efforts to attract capital. 

WaMu is also offering an attractive 3.75% APY Savings Account.

While these rates are very competitive, depositors should keep in mind that WaMu has suffered greatly due to the credit crisis.  Its stock has dropped from a 52-week high of 39 to just over $3.  Depositors should stay below the $100,000 FDIC insurance limits.

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Today's Highest Online CD Rates

Bank Product Term Interest Rate (APY)
Bank5 Connect 1-Year 2.85% APY with $500 minimum
M.Y. Safra Bank 1-Year 2.51% APY with $500 minimum
Ally Bank 1-Year 2.50% APY with $25,000 minimum
Connexus 3-Year 3.26% APY with $5,000 minimum
Pentagon 3-Year 3.25% APY with $1,000 minimum
Bank5 Connect 3-Year 3.20% APY with $500 minimum
Bread Savings, a division of Comenity Capital Bank 5-Year 3.65% APY with $1,500 minimum
Popular Direct 5-Year 3.40% APY with $10,000 minimum
M.Y. Safra Bank 5-Year 3.26% APY with $500 minimum

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  • JRodgers

    August 27, 2008

    I usually don't get too excited about the rates and use BestCashCow.com to write about and to exchange thoughts on economic thoughts and ideas on global economic developments. But, the 12 and 13 month CD products are extraordinarily compelling now when you look at other cash or near-cash equivalents. I just put 95k into a 13 month CD at 5%. WaMu may fail and I may lose a week of interest trying to get the money back, but since it is paying twice the money market rate, it just needs to survive for one week and I'll be guaranteed not to lose any interest. It is a very easy account to open.

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