Washington D.C. Home To Huge Millionaire Population

A new list has emerged with the top ten largest concentrations of millionaires in the United States. Number Ten? Your government.

This might come as a surprise to quite a few people--and to many, this will be a cause for the greatest Cynical Eye Rolling ever seen by mankind--but it turns out that, according to an article on mainstreet.com, the tenth highest concentration of millionaires in the United States lives in none other than Washington D.C.

Five percent of the households in the district--one in twenty for those of you what don't math too good--has a net worth of larger than one million dollars. It's been suggested that the reason for this is not only due to the large salaries made by federal employees, but also because of the lobbyist population.

Now, excuse me for just a second here. I'm not about to go off on some rant about how federal employees shouldn't be paid for their work--they do a job and should be paid for their work. Anyone who works should be paid for it. But I'm not too sure I'm happy about my tax dollars being used to support the tenth largest concentration of millionaires in the United States, especially considering that we're so broke that we're having a hard time covering debts, like those to Social Security.

Considering how many regular folks out there have taken pay cuts so far, maybe it's time to start looking at Camp Millionaire's pay envelopes to see if we could save some bucks THERE.

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