World Telecom Plays - Vodafone, SK Telecom, America Moviles and Alvarion!

The CNBC crowd knows nothing.

I was just watching Fast Money on CNBC.

They decided to go through their picks for the best wireless carriers to get into in the world.

They said that they wanted four big ones that would cover the world.

Here were their picks:

1) Vodafone because they are everywhere (I would avoid Vodafone for this reason, but at least it is in fact a majro wireless carrier).

2)  SK Telecom because they are in Asia (There are better wireless players in Asia, but at least it is in fact a major wireless carrier).

3)  America Moviles because they are in Later America (I would avoid America Moviles for this reason, but at least it is in fact a major wireless carrier).

4) Alvarion because they cover all of the Middle East.  What!?!!  Alvarion isn't a wireless carrier, but rather a leader in WiMAX equipment development.  


Alvarion is the one stock that they picked that is in fact a good investment, but it isn't a wireless carrier.  How pathetic?  All these so-called stock experts sitting there talking about what a great investment all of these global wireless carriers are, and they don't even realize that one of the stocks that they are talking about doesn't belong in the category. 

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  • Anonymous

    July 14, 2007

    The show that you are watching is pure entertainment - nothing more - so I am not surprised. This is a bunch of balding middle age men with pompoms. I prefer to watch 18 year old girls in cheerleading competitions. No time for or interest in these guys.

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