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All 107 FDIC Insured Banks in Massachusetts (MA) – Page 1

Bank Headquarters Date Established Assets (1000s)
State Street Bank and Trust Company
Boston, MA 01-01-1792 $322,958,000

| Nov 1, 2021

worst bank ever and they racist ruth bitchell and the rest of them ban frontline workers that complain about their mistakes this only happens to blacks

| Mar 25, 2021

Bunch of crooks.Closed my account and never returned my money.They said they would mail a registered letter with a check and why my account was closed.Its over a month and nothing.

| Jan 12, 2021

They put paychecks on hold for a day so don’t expect your paycheck right away and they don’t answer their phones

Century Bank and Trust Company
Somerville, MA 05-01-1969 $7,246,727

| Aug 26, 2016

This cd rate no longer exists !

| Jan 9, 2021

Used to be a good bank!! Taking money out of my account for something I did not purchase. This is the second time they did this. They do it on Fridays knowing that no one from the Fraud Department isn't there over the weekend...Read more.

| Jan 8, 2018

Another bad bank! Did a hard pull just to open a checking account with no overdraft and denied me. Never even bothered to send a letter or e-mail. Now I have another inquiry on my credit report for nothing. THANKS ALOT!

| Feb 21, 2015

Interesting. Is there an approximate Texas ratio for a bank at which other banks may become very interested in an acquisition.

| Apr 18, 2016

No 2% 12 month CD unless IRA. Misleading at best.

| Nov 13, 2019

My favorite bank in South Dennis MA. There are always sufficient enough staff so that there is never a long waiting line. And the staff is always pleasant and efficient.

| Jan 30, 2020

Find branch personnel are genuinely interested in my business.

Enterprise Bank and Trust Company
Lowell, MA 01-03-1989 $4,428,001
Cambridge Trust Company
Cambridge, MA 01-01-1890 $4,302,984

| Jan 23, 2017


Holyoke, MA 03-17-1885 $3,576,258
Hingham Institution for Savings
Hingham, MA 04-02-1834 $2,973,838
Bristol County Savings Bank
Taunton, MA 03-02-1846 $2,905,449

| Jul 25, 2019

Excellent bank that usually has great rates on CDs.

Leader Bank, National Association
Arlington, MA 05-08-2002 $2,651,530
UniBank for Savings
Whitinsville, MA 06-03-1870 $2,577,497
Northern Bank & Trust Company
Woburn, MA 02-25-1960 $2,556,584
Westfield Bank
Westfield, MA 04-15-1853 $2,457,594
BayCoast Bank
Swansea, MA 11-15-1851 $2,244,726

| Aug 16, 2019

Deceptive Sales Practices: Huge Penalties What an awakening! Without any clear statement, and nothing at all on its website, Avidia charged us 50% of the CD’s FULL TERM interest, including both paid and unpaid inte...Read more.

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