Hard to Believe!

Hard to Believe!

It’s just plain hard to believe that Apple would intentionally engineer the slow down of the operating systems of older iPhones for any reason whatsoever, least of which would be to get users to discard their old phones and to buy new ones. After all, faithful owners of new and older phones have long believed that Apple was one of a kind, full of imaginative wizards of the 21st Century and extraordinary products that have become indispensable, daily parts of our modern lives. For many if not most users, Apple was as much a part of our lives as AT&T was for our parents and grandparents. Stupidly, we fell in love with their products and, albeit unconsciously, enjoyed a symbiotic, trusting relationship with everything Apple.

But that is precisely what has happened – with an emphasis on INTENTIONAL. Apple has systematically been embedding code in its frequent software updates specifically designed to slow down the operating systems of its older phones. So, everyone who has trustingly clicked on to the latest updates has been putting their phones at risk and falling prey to Apple’s sinister plan.

Some, actually many, users, watching their phones flag, have wondered whether Apple might be doing this to sell their newer phones. I’ve heard such suspicions, but have ignored them, never believing the company would do such a thing. But now Apple has admitted that they have been slowing systems in older phones down, ostensibly to address battery failings in these phones. That’s sounds terribly hollow and almost painfully untrue. If they were addressing older battery issues, they almost certainly would have explained that to users and given them the option of loading or not a particular software update. They never suggested such a thing, instead touting with considerable pride to users the newest and greatest enhancements embedded in the new updates.

It’s fraud plain and simple, and they must pay the piper. I still love Apple, but I also want them to pay for this deception. I will continue buying their products, but I will never again let myself fall prey to believing that any company has my interests at heart.

Daniel Socolow
Daniel Socolow: President, Socolow Group. Former Director of the MacArthur Fellows Program, President of the American University of Paris, Vice President of Spelman College. BA, MA, Ph.D.

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  • Michael

    December 22, 2017

    "pay the piper"? Give me a break. The only folks who are going to see anything out of this are the jackass class action attorneys who will all pile on. You and I will see nothing.

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