I Think I'll Join Mar-A-Lago

I Think I'll Join Mar-A-Lago

Mar-A-Logo membership recently went up from $100,000 to $200,000.  The doubling in price has a lot of people crying foul, for the owners seem to have doubled the cost of membership within days of their father being sworn in.

But, I am thinking about this as a consumer.  $200,000 is still just about the best deal possible.  I don’t particularly enjoy Florida at all.   I don’t play golf or hang out with people who have nothing better to do that to show their adulation for a rich man.   And, even if it is the Winter White House after all, I wouldn’t particularly be excited about spending more than a few minutes there.  Having been in other Trump-branded properties, I know I would find the décor over the top.

But, the access that I would get for my $200,000 is quite extraordinary.  I just need to whisper into the ear of the Secretary of Energy, the Attorney General or even the President himself and I can probably get almost anything done  After a couple of minutes with the right audience, this could all instantly pay for itself.

I think I’ll join.

Image: Courtesy: Fortune


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