Mystery Solved – Trump’s Unplanned Walter Reed Visit Was Not Caused By a Medical Condition
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Mystery Solved – Trump’s Unplanned Walter Reed Visit Was Not Caused By a Medical Condition

The media and Twitter have been abuzz since Donald Trump made an unplanned visit to Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda yesterday morning. Respected media observers, including CNN’s Sanjay Gupta, have highlighted how unusual it is for a President to make an unplanned visit for a medical checkup without advanced notice to the hospital.

The President’s health immediately came into question. Some have suggested that the trauma of Erdogan returning the “tough guy” letter in person on Thursday, Masha Yavanovich’s testimony of Friday, or Roger Stone’s conviction on Friday had caused a change in the President’s health. Some credible sources surmised that the President had chest pains. Others suggested that he may have tried to harm himself and needed psychological support. And, Fox was so concerned that it did not report on anything related to the President at all on Saturday, instead re-running some sort of impeachment defense by a wrestling coach with a brain injury.

As it turns out, Trump had been reviewing his 2020 health insurance, just as millions of Americans are doing right now too. Like everyone else, he realizes that while his insurance premiums will be going up by 20%, his coverage will decline dramatically and his deductibles will rise significantly. In fact, he realized that he better get to the doctor quickly in order to have any coverage at all, and became concerned that if he waited closer to the end of the year, it would become more and more difficult to get an appointment before December 31. Because of his access, he was able to get an appointment immediately.

At this point, you should be thinking that this article sounds as concocted as a Devin Nunes defense of Trump. I've written it as a parody of the Republicans.

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