Sleepy's and CEO David Acker Stand Singularly At the Bottom of the Pile When It Comes to Corporate Citizenship

Sleepy's, a private company selling low end mattresses based in Long Island, NY, is a nightmare for customers, employees and everyone around it. Whereas BP commits to making things right, Sleepy's is the worst corporate citizen around. How can a company like this - even if private - be permitted to exist in 2010?

Sleepy's Inc. is a disastrous company committed only to making things wrong for everyone around them.

Led by CEO David Acker, their corporate strategy consists of convincing the major mattress manufacturers to produce an inferior product under a different brand name which they then claim is equivalent to the product sold with a different name, enabling them to realize extraordinary profits while misleading customers and screwing suppliers.

Their employment strategy consists of making employees independent contractors so that they don't need to pay market costs. They then tell employees - from those answering the phone to those delivering mattresses - that they will be replaced by people from China if they don't accept their below-market terms.

And, when something goes wrong, they blame their so-called "independent contractors", saying that their employees were not to blame. I had a friend whose parked car was damaged by a Sleepy's truck. Even though it was captured on a security camera, the company denied responsibility and then stonewalled, refusing to take necesssary steps to identify the driver who they claimed was an independent contractor. When Sleepy's finally identified a driver, it wasn't the correct one. Nevertheless, the company's management including their CEO David Acker felt that they were absolved of any blame because they had turned over the name of an independent contractor. They then encouraged my friend to bring criminal charges against their driver rather than admit liability and turn the case over to their own insurance carrier.

This company wouldn't exist as a public company. But as long as they are permitted to do business the way that they do, people are advised to avoid doing business with them.

BP caused a lot of damage, but at least they have tried to make those damaged whole. And, they never held their own employees out to dry the way Sleepy's does.

Jason Rodgers
Jason Rodgers: Jason Rodgers was an experienced research analyst for a major bank prior to retiring to run his own investment consultancy in beautiful Lihue, Hawaii. Jason contributed articles to BestCashCow from 2008 to 2014.



    July 19, 2014

    Need to have someone contact me asap. Bought a mattress at sleepy on route 17 east Rutherford' new jersey. Mattress defective. Given an 800 number for a bed check inspector. Have been calling since 7/7/14 and no one calls me back. Mattress was expensive. Need assistance

  • Frances R. Dickman

    November 24, 2015

    I was cheated by one of Sleepy's inspectors who placed marker ink on my mattress in order to cancel the warranty. The person they sent to check out my mattress was a man named "Ray" who came to my house on two occasions and each time the mattress was not dented enough for replacement. On the third occasion I was in the room with him when he removed the waterproof mattress cover that I purchased from Sleepy's when I purchased the bed, foundation and frame. He measured the "dent" and this time it met the requirements of being one and a half inches deep. Stupidly, I left the room and when I came back the cover was back on the mattress and "Ray" was writing out some kind of ticket. He told me that the one and a half inches warranted a replacement mattress. I waited two weeks and when I didn't hear from Sleepy's, I called them and was horrifed to discover that I had forfeited the mattress warranty because it was stained. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and immediately went into my bedroom to strip the bed and was shocked to find that there were two lines of blue marker on the mattress which were not there before. The only answer was that "Ray" had done this so that I wouldn't be able to get a replacement mattress. I called customer service and they refused to send this "Ray" again to reexamine the mattress. Because I have a lot of health issues, I didn't take the matter further because I suffer with several health issues one of them being five major issues with my spine, and also because I cannot sleep just thinking about the disgusting thing that "Ray" did to me. Now that now I am angry enough to do something, I shall get in touch with the CEO of Sleepy's and, if I get no satisfaction, I shall be suing them in Small Claims Court. I am furious that I have to go to this bother all because I dealt with a totally dishonest company which pays their employees to lie when a customer complains about a problem with their mattress. I lay in bed at night in a "whole" and then my mind starts working overtime and I cannot sleep. It is now 4:42 a.m. and here I am finally getting ready to type a complaint letter. Sleepy's should be put out of business because of it's dishonest business practices and I hope that I am one person who is able to get the ball rolling to do this.

  • Glenn Cantwell

    March 28, 2016

    We have bought a mattress from Sleepys, and it has a defect in it, Sleepys sent us a string to pull across the mattress to "Test", actually a string, and since it didn't sink down, the mattress is not considered a defect, you have to lay on the mattress to feel what is wrong with it. It actually rolls us out of the bed, Sleepys is saying that they cannot send anyone out to check the mattress although the manufacturer Simmons said they could. Waiting for a call now from the 3rd supervisor. I would not recommend Sleepys to anyone especially if they do not stand behind their products.

  • D Schardt

    April 04, 2016

    I am very unhappy with the Sleepy mattress service. I paid about $1000. for a defective mattress. The Mattress mashall report shows the mattress to be defective.But was denied a refund or credit because the box spring did not match the mattress.However this is false because the tag on the mattress states " this mattress is intended to be used without a foundation or with foundations".
    Thus the reason for denying a credit are invalid. I 'm going to put this information on Facebook and notify the Attorney General of the state of New Jersey.

  • Katherine

    August 23, 2016

    I bought a $1,400 mattress at a Maryland store. Within the first year, it started to sag in the middle. About 16 months after purchase i called Sleepy's and Larry, the Mattress Inspector stated the mattress was clearly defective due to popping noises when he pressed down on it and the sagging was over 1.5 inches. He filed his report and the manufacturer, Serta, advised my warranty was void since the frame support was not adequate. At no time did my salesperson, Will, say anything about the frame support, or I would have purchased a better frame at the time of the original sale. now i have had too spend $1,000 for a new mattress and frame. So, now I've spent almost $2,500 for a mattress in less than one and 1/2 years. My last mattress lasted over 12 years. I would never go back to them, and will advise everyone I know NOT to do business with Sleepy's. They are evasive and deceitful.

  • nanci

    November 22, 2016

    trying to make contact to get an inspection for a sagging mattress....I received a packet telling how to measure the sag and I did that and emailed and faxed the required informatiom. Now I am Told that you must pay for measuring packet or an inspector to come to your home. What a rotten company. I have been waiting on the phone for 30minutes and I am the 28th caller. a lot of angry customers. Think I will just buy a new mattress from a company that can handle its own mattress problems.

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