Trump’s Obsession with Dorian and Alabama Might be a Clever Ploy and Not Narcissism
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Trump’s Obsession with Dorian and Alabama Might be a Clever Ploy and Not Narcissism

Donald Trump continues to obfuscate in the interest of achieving his goals. Hurricane Dorian presented him with an opportunity to try and change the narrative. Rather than simply dismiss a minor gaffe regarding Alabama and the path of Dorian, he doubled down. He’s playing with us all, showering us with over a dozen tweets justifying his inclusion of Alabama on a list of states in the storm’s path. He even played with a sharpie on a National Weather Service map and called John Roberts of Fox into the Oval Office to justify his assertions.

The news media is focused to a fault on all this. And, that was part of the President’s plan. What we’ve missed, however, is that he is playing with us. Rather than focus on Pence’s possibly illegal stay at a Trump property in Ireland, which is a big thing, Trump turned the media’s attention to a stupid error. To me, it seems clear that he zeroed in on Alabama to send the media running after a minor, rather than consequential, story. Vice President Pence’s trip to Ireland was absolutely worthy of serious media attention. He stayed at Trump’s golf resort in Doonbeg (which would have been a crime had anyone else in the Federal government done this) and insulted the Irish by openly advocating for Brexit. And this was not all, Alabama is still in the news while the President’s diversion of money from Pentagon planned projects, including rehabbing it’s schools, to pay for the border wall, is another story lost in all the Alabama attention. Wake up Media!

Ari Socolow
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    September 06, 2019

    Same tactic over and over.

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