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Many Current Home Sales are Foreclosed Properties

Foreclosed homes make up a big chunk of current home sales. So what exactly is going on in the housing market these days?

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Citibank and Chase Going Ga-Ga with Airline Frequent Flier Miles to Extend Credit to Consumers

Less than a year ago many US consumer finance pundits like Suzie Orman and Dave Ramsey were suggesting that your opportunity to get free airline miles for opening a credit card would be ending soon. These pundits believed that banks that were giving out 25,000 miles for opening a credit card were spending much more than they could afford for the pleasure of giving consumers unsecured credit. It seemed the perks were a last vestige of the credit bubble waiting to be eliminated or at least cut back dramatically. They were not.

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BankSimple Lands $10 Million in Additional Capital and Announces Several Key Partnerships

BankSimple, a stealth banking company that plans to launch by the end of the year, just announced $10 million in new funding from several prominent investors as well as some key partnerships. The company aims to simplify the banking experience via technology.

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Bank of New York Mellon Charging to Hold Customer Cash Image

Bank of New York Mellon Charging to Hold Customer Cash

The Bank of New York Mellon plans to begin charging a fee for its big custodial customers to park cash at the bank, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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USAA and Pentagon Federal Credit Union Ready to Support Members if Default Happens

Many banks and credit unions that support military personnel and their families are announcing that they will continue to honor direct deposits and other cash advances if there is a government default.

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Chase Quick Deposit Lets You Make Deposits from iPhone

Chase Bank Quick Deposit iPhone App lets you make deposits from your phone. It's a pretty neat application that could shift the banking world.

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KeyBank Offers Free iPod Touch Image iMore

KeyBank Offers Free iPod Touch

KeyBank is giving new customers a free iPod Touch, if you open a qualifying checking account online by July 22nd, 2011. Of course, there are some additional requirements you will have to meet as well.

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Online Banks: What You Should Know

Online banks have, on average, offered lower account maintenance fees and higher APYs due to low overhead costs. Before you make the switch to an online-only bank, here are a few things to consider.

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USAA Ends Debit Card Rewards on September 1, 2011

The new Federal Reserve regulations cause USAA Bank to end its debit card rewards program, but other account benefits remain unchanged.

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Bank of America Adjusts Checking Accounts; Customers May Face New Fees

Over July and August, Bank of America will begin phasing out traditional checking account products and move a half-million customers to new accounts.

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Capital One Acquires ING Direct

Once this deal becomes final, ING Direct accounts will be converted to Capital One accounts. If you're an ING Direct customer, here's what you need to know.

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Bank of America Offers Customers Free Museum Admission Nationwide

It is no secret that interest rates at banks are generally low in today's economy. However, your bank may help make up for it by offering you other perks. Bank of America's Museums on Us program is a perfect example.

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PNC Financial Agrees to Buy 420 Branch RBC U.S. Unit for $3.5B Image Image courtesy of stockimages at

PNC Financial Agrees to Buy 420 Branch RBC U.S. Unit for $3.5B

PNC Financial has agreed to buy the U.S. banking division of the Royal Bank of Canada for $3.5 billion. It marks a retreat for the bank even as other Canadian banks look to expand south of the border.

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Texas Ratio: Bank Ratio for Analyzing Safety and Soundness

The Texas Ratio helps assess the health of a bank. It compares the amount of loan risk a bank has by the amount of reserves and capital a bank has at its disposal to cover those losses.

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First Quarter 2011 State of Banking

First quarter 2011 financial data from the FDIC has been released and we've gone through and crunched the numbers to give you an idea of what is happening to the U.S. banking system.

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