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Torrington, Connecticut CD Rates – 6-Month 2021

Below are the best six-month CD Rates from banks with branches in Torrington, Connecticut . Six month CDs are considered short-term cds and the yield is comparable to savings and money market rates. You may want to consider opening a 6 month CD if you are concerned about savings rates dropping and don’t mind locking up your money for six months.

Torrington, CT - July 26, 2021

6 Month CD National Average : 0.27% ?

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6 Month Branch Certificates of Deposit 2021

Six month certificates of deposit (CDs) provide depositors with a short term vehicle for keeping money safe and earning interest. With a six month CD, depositors agree to leave their money in the account for six months in return for a fixed rate of interest over this period. While it is possible to withdraw the money earlier (breaking the CD) doing so comes with high interest penalties and is generally not advised.

In general, almost all brick-and-mortar banks provide CDs to their consumers. Opening one involves taking a trip to the branch although some banks allow CDs to be opened via the phone or online. In general, local banks discourage depositors from out-of-state to open accounts, although this is not a hard rule and if you see an attractive rate from a bank in another state, it is worth investigating the account opening policy. Online banks generally offer better rates on six month CDs but the accounts must be opened online. View online bank rates.

The advantages of six month CDs opened via a traditional bank are:

  • Funds deposited in FDIC banks and within insurance limits are protected by the full faith and credit of the United States government.
  • CDs provide a predictable, set rate of return.
  • Depositors can walk into a local branch and open the CD and fund it that day. Question and inquiries can also be handles in-person.

The disadvantages of six month CDs are:

  • Six month CDs currently pay interest rates significantly below many online and branch-based savings and money market accounts.
  • The deposited money is committed for six months.
  • Six month CDs from traditional banks often pay less interest than from online banks.

When interest rates are falling, it is often preferable to lock in high rates for an extended period of time with a longer-term CD. When interest rates are rising, depositors should avoid committing their money for long periods of time. To see interest rate trends, visit the BestCashCow rate analysis page.

All banks listed on BestCashCow are FDIC insured; strongly recommends that you stay within FDIC insurance limits and that if you are unsure of how the limits affect you, please visit the FDIC website.

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