Rex Tillerson Should Resign Right Now

Rex Tillerson Should Resign Right Now

Rex Tillerson is in Putin’s pocket and was clearly put in his position at the behest of Putin and the Russians.

That is not the reason he should resign.  Nor should he resign because he is tremendously unfit and outclassed in his role as Secretary of State.

Tillerson should resign because he is subject to constant second-guessing by the Administration that he is supposed to be a part of.  The Secretary of State should be running foreign policy, not Jared and not the man in the White House.

In 4 short months, Rex Tillerson has gone from the CEO of one of the most important companies in the world to appearing as a young child forced to his knees.  In the most important advice that a U.S. Secretary of State could provide, he has told Trump not to withdraw from the 2015 UN Paris Climate Accord.  Trump has now defied him.  Now is the time for Rex to save face and resign.

Image: Courtesy: The Independent


  • DS Rogers

    June 02, 2017

    He cannot quit without Putin's permission.

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