Russian Ties to Michigan and Wisconsin

Russian Ties to Michigan and Wisconsin

I have spent a lot of time in Russia and have known a lot of Russians.  Some of my Russian friends and contacts are brilliant.

I have also spent millions of dollars in online advertising across platforms like Bing, Adwords and Facebook.  Much of the advertising has been targeted to geographical and demographic specifications.

There are no ties that would have led some wealthy Russians acting on their own to target certain demographics within Michigan and Wisconsin.  Even the most brilliant Russians would not have been able to accumulate the required data on their own to know how to target those areas prior to the election.  That information had to come from Paul, Don Jr. or Jared.

It is time to quit looking for a smoking gun.  People are put to death in this country on the basis of circumstantial evidence, and there is more here than required for a conviction. 

Image: National Geographic


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