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Louisiana Rewards Checking Accounts

Below are banks and credit unions that offer rewards checking accounts nationally and also for Louisiana. Rewards checking accounts offer a higher interest rate up to a certain balance level in exchange for the user doing certain activities. These requirements may include using a debit card a certain number of times each month, using bill pay, or setting up a direct deposit to the account. In general, the accounts offer significantly higher interest rates on deposited money. Once the user goes over the deposit limit, the rewards checking account rate will drop.

Rewards Checking Accounts - Louisiana - October 31, 2020

InstitutionS APY MILES? MAX
Pelican State

4.25% 898.78 $7,500
La Capitol

4.25% 894.07 $3,000
Gibsland Bank & Trust Company
2.75% 931.17 $15,000

2.27% 387.03 $15,000

2.25% 924.02 $10,000
Cross Keys Bank
2.05% 858.79 $25,000

2.01% 916.45 $10,000
Synergy Bank
2.01% 952.33 $15,000
JD Bank
2.00% 972.10 $10,000
Gulf Coast Bank and Trust Company
1.01% 761.94 $20,000

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