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Maryland Credit Union CD Rates 2017

Below are the best one year CD Rates from credit unions in Maryland. One year CDs are usually the most popular term and offer a decent yield without having to lock-up money for an extended period of time. One year CD Rates are generally comparable to or a little higher than their savings and money market counterparts.

MD - September 19, 2017

1 Year CD National Average : 0.49% ?

Credit Union APY MIN MILES ?
Signal Financial

1.48% $500 -
1.45% $10,000 -
1.45% $100,000 -

1.41% $500 -

1.38% $1,000 -
1.35% $500 -
State Department

1.31% $500 -
1.30% $100,000 -
Cedar Point

1.26% $1,000 -
1.25% $10,000 -

1.25% $500 -

1.20% $1,000 -
1.16% $500 -
1.15% $500 -
Money One

1.00% $25,000 -

0.90% $1,000 -
Market Usa

0.85% $500 -

0.85% $10,000 -
0.80% $2,000 -
0.80% $500 -

0.80% $500 -

0.75% $1,000 -

0.75% $1,000 -

0.74% $500 -
0.70% $500 -

0.65% $500 -
0.65% $500 -
Money One

0.61% $10,000 -
0.60% $300 -

0.55% $1,000 -
Johns Hopkins

0.55% $500 -

0.55% $1,000 -
0.50% $0 -

0.45% $500 -
0.40% $500 -
Point Breeze

0.40% $10,000 -
0.35% $100,000 -

0.35% $500 -
0.35% $100 -
0.30% $500 -
0.25% $10,000 -
Partners 1st

0.23% $500 -

0.15% $1,000 -

0.10% $500 -

BestCashCow strives to maintain the most accurate rates. If you find a rate that is not accurate, please let us know by commenting below so that we can update it. Thank you for your help.


Credit Union One-Year Certificates of Deposit 2017

Credit union certificates of deposit (“CDs”, also commonly called “time deposits” and credit unions) are contract-based and time-based savings vehicles that are offered by credit unions. In return for agreeing to keep your money tied up with the credit union for a given time period (in the case of 1-year CDs, the period is obviously 1-year), you earn a fixed rate or return that cannot change over the course of that period. Should you need your money before the expiration of the contractual period, the penalties for early withdrawal can be severe. Not all credit unions even offer early withdrawal, and many that do maintain the right to deny it in their terms and conditions. It therefore is important to fully understand the terms of any time-based deposit that you enter with a credit union.

Many Americans enjoy performing their banking transactions with credit unions citing better rates, non-profit status (owned by its depositors), more helpful employees, and a commitment to the community that is above the level offered by local banks. You will find a map with all credit unions that are close to you here. It is important to note that some credit unions have limited fields of membership, although others are more open ended. Under any circumstance, you must meet the membership requirements in order to become a member and open a CD or time deposit.

Those who are willing to tie up their money for one year will often get a slight premium over the best available savings rates. People who work with credit unions may find that they offer better rates on 1-year CDs or time deposits than local banks and online banks. You however should check the local bank rates where you live here and the online rates here.

To understand all of the income generating options available to a saver, please view the  Income Generating Investments Comparison Chart.

NCUA Insurance

Most, but not all, credit unions listed on BestCashCow are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). You should confirm that the credit union that you are working with is NCUA-insured by visiting that institution’s BestCashCow page (NCUA coverage is detailed on the overview tab). The NCUA insures each named individual's deposits to $250,000 for all accounts at the credit union within ownership class. The rules are very similar, but not identical, to those for FDIC insurance. You should always stay within NCUA insurance limits.

BestCashCow strongly recommends that you deposit money only in NCUA insured credit unions and that you stay within insured limits. If you are considering depositing over $250,000 at a single NCUA-insured credit union across products (share certificates, time deposits, etc.) or across types of ownership (individual, joint, etc.) you should use the NCUA’s  Share Insurance Toolkit in order to be sure that you are not exceeding coverage limits.


Is my money any less safe at a credit union?

As long as your credit union is NCUA insured and you stay within the NCUA limits, As long as your credit union is NCUA insured and you stay within the NCUA limits, your money is no less safe than it would be in an FDIC-insured bank.

Is there any difference between a time deposit offered by a credit union and a CD account offered by a bank?

The difference is mainly one of terminology. But, you should always completely understand the terms of a time deposit or CD before you enter it, paying careful attention to the early withdrawal penalties. A reasonable early withdrawal penalty for a 1-year time deposit is 3 months.

Does the small amount of interest gained on a time deposit make sense given the fact that I am losing access to my capital (liquidity)?

This is a decision that depends on your own specific circumstances, your needs for cash, and other investments that you may wish to pursue over the next 12 months (or the period of your time deposit or CD). The premium in a one-year CD is very small, however, a small difference in compounding interest can make a large difference over long period of time. You may wish to familiarize yourself with our Savings Booster Calculator in order to understand the importance of compounding interest at higher rates on your money over time.


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  • Richard

    June 19, 2017

    You guys local bank rates I get every week are always the same there are 2 banks here at osage beach mo. That are paying 1.50 for 15 month and the other is 1.25 12 month and you don't even list the banks around my area I'm not going to use best cash cow anymore I can find better rate myself

  • Bill Jones

    June 11, 2015

    CD Rates for Security Service Federal Credit Union are all wrong.

  • JudysPod

    September 16, 2014

    No rates are listed for credit unions in Northern Maine which pay as high as the national CD rates

  • Sol

    March 10, 2014

    @cu man

    Thanks for the tip. We checked it out and it does look closed. According to the NCUA it only had one member so it was a very small CU to begin with.

  • cu man

    March 10, 2014

    Allied CU of Houston is listed as inactive by the NCUA. 1yr rate must be an old rate.

  • Maria Glover, Clovis, CA

    February 15, 2014

    Why did you not list Educational Employees Credit Union? They have branches in Madera and Tulare counties as well as Fresno, CA.

  • bevanne

    February 03, 2014

    I have used Self-Reliance FCU for many many years-good interest rates always. Had great loan for my home too. Very nice to do business with and have received compliments from other banks doing business (for me) with their staff.

  • david griffin

    October 08, 2013

    north carolina state employee credit union is not on your list and pays higher rates than most. is it possible to get them added.

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