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Online CD Rates – 18 Month 2017

Eighteen month Certificates of Deposit (CD) rates from online banks are often above average if you are willing to open and manage your account using the Internet. Most online banks offer an online application and money can be transferred to fund the CD via an electronic transfer, check, wire, or credit card. To view rates for other CD terms, click the tabs below.

May 28, 2017

18 Month CD National Average: 0.53% ?

1.51% 2.85x $10,000
Reviews (3)
1.50% 2.84x $1,000
Reviews (19)
1.47% 2.78x $1,500
Reviews (12)
M.Y. Safra
1.47% 2.78x $5,000 Reviews
Goldman Sachs Bank
1.45% 2.74x $500
Reviews (18)
Purepoint MUFG Union
1.45% 2.74x $10,000
Reviews (6)
Synchrony Bank
1.45% 2.74x $25,000
Reviews (27)
1.45% 2.74x $100,000
Reviews (7)
BAC Florida
1.45% 2.74x $100,000
Reviews (5)
Barclays Bank Delaware
1.40% 2.65x $0
Reviews (15)
Discover Bank
1.30% 2.46x $2,500
Reviews (3)
Ally Bank
1.20% 2.27x $0
Reviews (30)
Capital One 360
1.10% 2.08x $1,000
Reviews (2)
Salem Five Direct
1.10% 2.08x $10,000 Reviews
Nationwide Bank
1.06% 2.00x $100,000
Reviews (1)
Bank5 Connect
1.05% 1.98x $500 Reviews
Colorado Federal Savings Bank
1.05% 1.98x $5,000
Reviews (11)
New Dominion Direct
1.00% 1.89x $1,000 Reviews
OneWest Bank
1.00% 1.89x $1,000 Reviews
USAA Federal Savings Bank
0.81% 1.53x $175,000 Reviews
CNB Bank Direct
0.76% 1.44x $1,000 Reviews
American Express Bank, FSB
0.60% 1.13x $0
Reviews (6)


18 Month CDs - Online Banks 2017

Eighteen month CDs are offered by many online banks. The are a medium term CD and provide a slightly higher rate than a 12 month CD in return for the extra six months the money must be kept in the bank. All eighteen month CDs offered by online banks on BestCashCow are FDIC insured.

Opening an eighteen month CD online is a relatively easy process. The applications generally take between 15-20 minutes to complete. Funding the CD can usually be done electronically by making a transfer from a checking account to the bank opening the CD. The CD rate is usually locked once the application has been received and approved. Funds transfers can take between 1-5 days depending on the process used by the opening bank.

In most cases, online banks offer higher rates on online CDs than branch based banks.

The advantages of an eighteen month online CD are:

  • 18-month CDs offer a higher rate than 12-month CDs in return for leaving the money in the bank longer.
  • A fixed rate during the 18 month period.
  • FDIC insurance.
  • Convenience of opening and managing the CD without needed to visit a local branch.

The disadvantages of an eighteen month online CD are:

  • Rates are generally not significantly higher than the top online savings and money market accounts, and may not compensate you adequately for your loss of liquidity.
  • Money is tied up for 18 months. It may not always be possible to remove your money early, and, where possible, removing it early may result in penalties and the penalties may be significant (including a loss of principal).

All banks listed on BestCashCow are FDIC insured; strongly recommends that you stay within FDIC insurance limits and that if you are unsure of how the limits affect you, please visit the FDIC website.

To understand all of the income generating options available to a saver, please view the Income Generating Investments Comparison Chart.


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  • Bob Rodell

    May 16, 2015

    @ NFCU just opened 2 CD's - 15 months, dividend rate 3.44%, APT 3.5%. Min deposit $75, Max deposit is $7500. Hoping I can renew in 15 months. Offer expires end of May.....Military Appreciation Month.

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