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Certificates of deposit (CD) rates from online banks are often above average if you are willing to open and manage your account using the Internet. Most online banks offer an online application and money can be transferred to fund the CD via an electronic transfer, check, wire, or credit card. You can view a financial snapshot of any online bank by clicking on its name and then the Financial Details tab.

August 31, 2015
1 Year CD National Average: 0.36% ?
Online Banks APY Vs. Nat'l Av. Min Bal
CIT Bank 1.25% 3.50x $25,000 +Learn More
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E-Loan 1.30% 3.64x $10,000
Sallie Mae Bank 1.25% 3.50x $0
Synchrony Bank 1.25% 3.50x $2,000
BAC Florida Bank 1.25% 3.50x $100,000
BAC Florida Bank 1.21% 3.39x $1,500
Colorado Federal Savings Bank 1.20% 3.36x $5,000
Virtualbank 1.16% 3.25x $10,000
Pentagon Federal Credit Union 1.11% 3.11x $1,000
Nationwide Bank 1.10% 3.08x $100,000
Ally Bank 1.05% 2.94x $0
GS Bank 1.00% 2.80x $500
Bank5 Connect 1.00% 2.80x $500
Discover Bank 1.00% 2.80x $2,500
Navy Federal Credit Union 0.95% 2.66x $100,000
EverBank 0.81% 2.27x $1,500
Barclays Bank Delaware 0.80% 2.24x $0
USAA Federal Savings Bank 0.76% 2.13x $175,000
OneWest Bank 0.75% 2.10x $1,000
CNB Bank Direct 0.66% 1.85x $1,000
ableBanking 0.65% 1.82x $1,000
New Dominion Direct 0.60% 1.68x $1,000
American Express Bank, FSB 0.55% 1.54x $0
Bank of Internet 0.55% 1.54x $1,000
AirBanking 0.50% 1.40x $500
Capital One 360 0.40% 1.12x $10,000


Art Schlesinger, January 02, 2015

@H.Arneat, There isn't much to be gained, but short term rates aren't likely to move up that much in 2015 and one year isn't a lot of time so why not make the extra few dollars. I went with CIT and Ally because you can raise your rate if there is a quick move up, but I did also consider Sallie Mae because it only has a 3 month withdrawal penalty. What really seems crazy to me at the 3 and 6 month rates. Years ago, those rates used to be the same as savings and money market rates and now they are much lower. You'd need to make a mistake to open one of those.

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H.Arneat, January 01, 2015

I think you'd be crazy to invest in a 1 year CD now when the top yields are the same as an online savings account. Maybe the ones that allow you to reset but other than that, don't see the financial wisdom in doing so. Can anyone make an argument? I'm curious.

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Peter Ashton, March 18, 2014

Unlike a savings account, however, a CD does not allow early withdrawal without penalty. For those who want to explore opening a CD, there's always a guide to the best CD options available.

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Michael, February 11, 2014

Teresa, use this savings bond calculator from the US treasury. Also use the Treasury Hunt for lost or deseased relatives.

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Teresa Simmonds, January 18, 2014

I have a 50 dollar savings bond. How much is it worth? Got it in 1984.

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Ray, August 06, 2013

What are the alternatives to a one year CD?

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H. Will, August 02, 2013

CD rates don't look that compelling when compared to online savings. I don't think it makes sense to lock up money when you can get an online savings account at almost the same rate and stay liquid.

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