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If you have your savings dollars in a big bank or a bank with low savings rates, then you are losing money. We've found FDIC insured banks that will pay you more. Take a few minutes to explore the options below and see how you can boost your savings by more than 6X the national average rate. There is competition for your money. Take advantage of it!

September 2, 2014
Savings Account National Average Rate: 0.13% ?
Online Banks APY Vs. Nat'l Av. Min Bal
CIT Bank 0.95% 7.42x $25,000 +Learn More
Sponsor message: Great rates, low requirements, daily earnings. FDIC Insured.
GE Capital Bank 0.95% 7.42x $0 +Learn More
Competitive Rates. Member FDIC. Open Now!
ableBanking 1.02% 7.97x $1,000
Salem Five Direct 1.00% 7.81x $0
My Savings Direct 1.00% 7.81x $1
Synchrony Bank 0.95% 7.42x $0
Incredible Bank 0.95% 7.42x $2,500
Barclays Bank Delaware 0.90% 7.03x $0
Sallie Mae Bank 0.90% 7.03x $0
Bank5 Connect 0.90% 7.03x $10 0.90% 7.03x $100,000
Ally Bank 0.87% 6.80x $0
Discover Bank 0.85% 6.64x $0
Colorado Federal Savings Bank 0.85% 6.64x $2,500
First Trade Union Bank 0.85% 6.64x $2,500
Mutual of Omaha Bank 0.85% 6.64x $5,000
American Express Bank, FSB 0.80% 6.25x $0
Amtrust Direct 0.80% 6.25x $5,000
Virtualbank 0.78% 6.09x $100,000
Capital One 360 0.75% 5.86x $0
FNBO Direct 0.75% 5.86x $1
Bank of Internet 0.75% 5.86x $100
Clear Sky Accounts 0.70% 5.47x $1
New Dominion Direct 0.70% 5.47x $50,000
Amboy Direct 0.65% 5.08x $3,000
OneWest Bank 0.65% 5.08x $100,000
EverBank 0.61% 4.77x $1,500
Savings Square 0.55% 4.30x $1
Zions Bank 0.50% 3.91x $2,500
CNB Bank Direct 0.41% 3.20x $1
AirBanking 0.40% 3.13x $1,000
E-Loan 0.40% 3.13x $100,000
Nationwide Bank 0.35% 2.73x $1
BAC Florida Bank 0.25% 1.95x $100
BAC Florida Bank 0.15% 1.17x $500
HSBC Advance 0.15% 1.17x $100,000

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rae, August 23, 2014

bank5 rates are great and the chat customer service is amazing. I have been with them for about 3 months and they are superb. it does take about a week to get everything up and running but I have already made interest on my small deposit and you only need $100 in checking or savings to reap interest benefits!! I will be switching to them for all my banking needs

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Rebecca, January 27, 2014

Amtrust or or Mybankingdirect or New York Community Bank or whatever it is = a truly awful institution that should not appear on this site, bankrate or anywhere.

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MARY HICKSON, December 21, 2013


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Sol, November 07, 2013

@ Jason Goldberg

It depends where you log in from. The rate is only available in New England and New York so if you access the site from an IP out of that area, you will not see it. Also, make sure you sort by APY to make sure you haven't missed it.

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Jason Goldberg, November 07, 2013

I have come to this page a couple of times over the last few weeks and sometimes I see a bank listed here called EBSB Direct with the highest rate and sometimes I don't see it. Why is that?

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Leonard Harris, October 17, 2013

@Stephen Rice GE Capital Bank's service is excellent. Process very easy and CSR is very helpful if you need to call. I have also had very good experiences with Amex and Barclays. Not so good experiences with Sallie Mae or Discover. Can't comment on the rest, but you won't go wrong with GE Capital, Amex or Barclays.

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